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What Sets You Apart from Other Companies?

Handcrafted. We are a luxury sleepover company so we handcraft our A-frame tents out of natural pine and sew our own colorful tent covers. We don’t use the standard, inexpensive Amazon teepees that many companies use, instead we build full tents from scratch — which makes them the BEST luxury camp experience. Our tents cover most of the bed so it really feels like camping! Handcrafting also enables us to customize so many things just for you — we have a HUGE variety of colors and patterns. Unlike other companies, we don’t use the exact same tents over and over; changing the color and texture is our specialty!

Boys AND Girls. While lots of sleepover companies cater to girls, we are equally as devoted to the boys. We love a good girly glam night, but with two boys AND two girls in our house, we’ve taken extra care to make sure the boys have just as many options. Some of our best customers are little dudes!

Giving Back. Because we’ve witnessed firsthand the joy one of our sleepovers can bring, we donate one sleepover every quarter to a kiddo who deserves it. Nominations can be for any reason, the only stipulation is they can not be self nominations- this is about passing along the kindness. Maybe you know someone struggling with a health issue, or that has had some bad luck in their family. Or perhaps you know someone who did something really amazing and kind for someone else. Maybe s/he is just really struggling with life and needs a pick-me-up. We’ve got you. Free. No strings attached. Nominate a child HERE.

How much time is needed for set-up?

We typically take 45-60 min to set up and 20-30 min for tear down​

When do you deliver and pick up?

Typically we deliver and pick up between 9-3pm. You will be given a delivery window, and time may vary depending on how many stops we have that day. We do like to work with your schedule, so we try to be as flexible as possible too! 

Do you charge for delivery?

We do charge a delivery and set up fee, depending on how far from us you are located. You can find that information HERE

Do you move furniture?

No, we do not move any furniture. Please have the space cleared and ready for our arrival. Each Tent setup is approx 28" wide and  76" long. 

How do you clean your stuff?

All linen is sent out to be professionally washed. All pillows are sanitized. All hard surfaces are wiped down and sanitized. We do not provide sleeping pillows for hygienic reasons, but you can purchase our custom pillow cases for each child to go on their own pillow. 

What if I don't see a theme my child wants?

We can work with you to create your child's perfect party! Don't hesitate to ask!

* There may be a small fee depending on what the theme is. 

What if I need to cancel?

All deposits are non refundable, but if you need to change the date you can do so anytime before 7 days out from the original date. If changed within 7 days, a $100 fee will be assessed. 

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