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Add on induvidual items to any party or choose our Ulitmate Birthday Package that includes everything you need for the best birthday celebration! 

Personalized Pillow Case

A take home favor that doesn't get tossed!  Pillowcases are hand designed to match your theme. Comes with a 1 set of fabric markers so kids can autograph or draw on them if they choose! A fun activity to commemorate the party!

IMG_6597 3.JPG

Personalized Painting Project

Keep the kids busy with a momento to take home! You can do a 10" wood initial for each child or a themed piece (ex: mermaid shape) for each child. Includes, 6 paint color pallet per child customized to theme, brushes and a cup. 


Candy Box/ Bag

Is any sleepover complete without some junk food?  Let us put together a custom snack box for your guests based upon the theme. 


** Included in Ultimate Birthday Package


Personalized Sleep Mask

A fun addition to your sleepover. Personalize a sleep mask for all your guests to ensure everyone gets a good nights sleep. 

** These are included in the Ultimate Birthday Package! 

IMG_7711 2.jpg

Themed Favors

Let us come up with the perfect take home favor that compliments your child's theme! A mix of treats and trinkets will be included depending on the theme and the childs age. 

IMG_7535 2.jpg

Spa Party (may be added to any theme)

What girl doesn't love a spa day! Each child gets a bunch of spa goodies to keep everyone busy all night long and have a take home favor. Items may vary, but examples include items such as face mask, eye mask, spa headband, washcloth, nail polish, nail file and other nail items.

**PLUS Every spa party add on includes a mirror, bowl, pedicure foot bath and towels to use at the party for pampering. 


Cookie Decorating Box

A fun way to celebrate! Get 12 sugar cookies in your theme with icing and sprinkles to decorate. 

** Made locally by Lindsay Lous Cookies

IMG_7710 2.jpg

Balloon Bouquets

Add balloon to the top of every tent! A great way to add some extra fun and cheer! 

** included in the Ultimate Birthday Package


Donut Board

A sleepover isn't complete without donuts in the morning. This is a fun way to add flair to your party! Holds 20 donuts.


4' Marquee Numbers or Letters

Add WOW to your party by adding on 4' lighted marquee letters or numbers. Delivered with your party, so no extra delivery fee! 


Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands add flair and fun to every occasion! They start at $50 and go up depending on size. 


Star Projector

This projector not only lights up the room with stars, but has a bluetooth speaker that plays music as well. 

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